Damsel Nymph


Damsel Nymph


  • Hook: Long-shank #8-10 with small gold bead
  • Thread: Fluorescent green
  • Tail: Olive marabou
  • Body: Olive ostrich herl trimmed top and bottom
  • Rib: Fine silver wire
  • Hackle: Grey partridge
  • Head: Fluorescent green tying thread


  1. Put the bead onto the hook and secure it with turns of thread.
  2. Run the thread down the hook with touching turns.
  3. Tie in a buch of marabou.
  4. Tie in the silver wire for the rib followed by the ostrich herl.
  5. Take the thread up the hook, then wind in the ostrich her to make a body and tie off.
  6. Wind in the rib with the opposite rotation to the herl and tie off.
  7. Trim off the herl along the top and bottom.
  8. Tie in the partridge feather make a collar hackle with two or three turns.
  9. Make a head, whip finish and varnish.

Background information

Fish this fly with an intermediate line and use long pulls to retrieve it. The pattern is also suitable for river fishing.

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