Shipman’s Buzzer


Shipman’s Buzzer


  • Thread: Orange #8 uni-thread or UTC 70 denier
  • Hook: B175 Kamazan or similar wet fly, down eye hook – size #10 to #18
  • Thread: 8/0 red uni-thread or equivalent
  • Tail breathers: White antron or similar material
  • Body: Bright red seal’s fur or substitute
  • Rib: Medium pearl tinsel
  • Head breathers: White antron or similar material
  • Head: Whip finish and varnish


  1. Tie in the thread and run it down the hook shank with touching turns.
  2. Tie in a length of white Antron to make the breathers at both end (I use Tiemco Aero Dry Fly Wing for greater buoyancy) and then tie in the Mylar tinsel.
  3. Dub the seal’s fur onto the thread and wind in with touching turns, leaving space at the end to tie a head.
  4. Wind the Mylar through the fur to form a rib.
  5. Form a head, with the tying thread, under the front breather, whip finish and then varnish.
  6. Cut the breathers to length.

Background information:

Dave Shipman designed this pattern to imitate a hatching buzzer. It is constructed so that it sits flat in the surface film like the natural pupa. It is an effective pattern on all types of lakes and reservoirs and is especially effective from May to September on waters which have good hatches of buzzer. It is always fished on a floating line with a team of other buzzers, dry flies or by itself. The version pictures has orange glister added to the dubbing to make it more attractive to anglers and hopefully fish as well.

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