• Thread: Orange UTC 140 denier
  • Hook: Salmon double
  • Tail: Mixed orange, yellow and black bucktail
  • Rib: Silver wire
  • Under body: Plumber’s ptfe tape
  • Overbody: Medium pearl Mylar
  • Hackle: Hot orange cock hackle
  • Wing: Black squirrel
  • Cheeks: Jungle cock eyes.

Tying Notes:

  1. Tie in thread and wind down the hook shank with touching turns.
  2. Take small bunches of orange, yellow and black buck tail and mix them together then pull the ends so that the majority line up.
  3. Take the thread back up the hook shank and tie in a length of silver wire along the shank back down to the hook bend.
  4. Cover the shank with a strip of ptfe tape, tie in the pearl Mylar and wind this around the tape, back up the hook shank, to form a body.
  5. Tie in the cock hackle at the front of the hook, allowing clearance for a head.
  6. Palmer the hackle down the hook shank and then wind the silver wire back up to hold it in and form a rib. Cut off waste.
  7. Tie in a bunch of black squirrel’s hair to form a wing.
  8. Tie in the jungle cock eyes and then form a head with the tying thread and whip finish.

Background information:

I incorporated many trigger features in this fly when I first started making it…

  • Willy Gunn type tail
  • PTFE tape to give the body a fluorescent  appearance
  • Pearl Mylar to give it some shine
  • Hot orange hackle and orange head
  • Jungle cock eyes

The terminator has accounted for many salmon on the Wye and I have also used it successfully on the rivers Moy in Ireland and Spey in Scotland. It is my goto salmon fly.

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