Willy Gunn Waddington

Willy Gunn Waddington


  • Hook: Waddington Shank and treble hook.
  • Hook attachment: 15lb nylon and bug-bond or similar ultraviolet setting gel.
  • Thread #6 Black tying thread.
  • Rib: Medium, oval, gold tinsel.
  • Body: Black floss.
  • Wing: Mixed orange, yellow and black bucktail.

Tying Instructions

Secure the treble hook to the shank and then tie it in using nylon and bonding gel.

Tie in the rib 3mm away from the shank eye and run the thread down the shank, tying the tinsel in, to before where the hook links onto the body. Make a tag and leave the remaining tinsel loose for winding in later.

Run the thread back up the hook and tie in the floss for making the body. With touching turns, run the floss down the shank and then back up again, tying in just before the shank eye.

Cut off some orange, yellow and black bucktail (not too much!) and mix it by pulling out long hairs by their ends and then placing them back in the bunch, repeating this several times until the hair is mixed.

Tie the hair in at the front of the shank and put on a few turns around the base of the wing. With the fingers gently move the hair around the shank so that it is uniformly distributed. Put on more securing turns and then trim off waste.

Finish head, whip finish and varnish.


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