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Casting Criteria

To execute a cast expertly there are a number of  casting criteria which have to be fulfilled. These are: ontinuous tension -To maintain control of the fly-line it must always be under tension. cceleration – During the power stroke the rod-tip must be continuously accelerated and then brought to an abrupt stop whilst the rod-tip […]

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Fly lines

A fly-rod can be considered to be a spring with a selected stiffness. The amount of stiffness is calculated by the fly-rod manufacturer and all manufacturers design to the same stiffness scale so that in theory all fly-lines and fly-rods are balanced and interchangeable. The scale most widely adopted is called the AFFTA (American Fly […]

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Fly rods

There is no such thing as an ideal fly-rod because the performance characteristics depend upon personal preference. For instance the amount of flex of a fly-rod can determine whether the loop is wide or narrow, with a wide loop being preferred for delicate presentation and a narrow loop for distance or accuracy. The tighter the […]

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