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Sliding Indicator System

The prospect of having to set up a new rig when  fishing in the river can be quite daunting and so as a consequence we fish on regardless, even though the selected method is proving to be unsuccessful. Then there is this nagging feeling in the back of one’s mind that maybe another technique would […]

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Fly Rod Ratings

There is no way to find a perfect rod rating system for fly rods. Provocative statement isn’t it? But there are reasons why there cannot be an ideal situation. It does not mean that nothing is possible in this domain; it just means that this is not something that can be unique. There are rod […]

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The straight line path extended

A definition of the perfect cast could be “the action of straightening the fly-line and aligning it with the direction of the forward cast by pulling it from the rod-tip, whilst providing it with sufficient kinetic energy for it to turn over, completely, after the rod tip has stopped moving”. As instructors we are indebted […]

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