Black and Yellow Tube Fly

Black and Yellow Tube

The black and yellow tube fly


  • Thread: #6 black tying thread or similar
  • Tube: 3ins slipstream copper tube (Veniards suppliers)
  • Rib: Medium oval silver tinsel
  • Body: Black floss
  • Wing: Black Bucktail
  • Wing: Yellow Bucktail
  • Flash: Medium width Myar

Tying Instructions

  1. Put the tube in a tube vice and run the tying thread down the copper tube, with touching turns, leaving ¼ins bare copper at the front for the head and ½ins at the back for silicon tubing.
  2. Run the thread back up the copper tube with open turns and tie in the oval tinsel all the way back down the tube.
  3. Make five turns of tinsel to form a tag at the back of the tube and tie off.
  4. Take a long length of floss and tie it in, in front of the tag. Wind it up the tube, with touching turns, up to where the wings will be tied in.
  5. Wind in the tinsel rib at about 45º open turns and tie off.
  6. Tie in a bunch of black bucktail on the top of the tube.
  7. Tie in a bunch of ducktail on the opposite side of the tube.
  8. Tie in a single strip of mylar on each side of the tube
  9. Trim off waste and form head.
  10. Whip finish and varnish.

Background information

Many years ago when I first started salmon fishing, Bill Griffiths, the Gillie on the “Carrots” told me that the yellow and black fly was the one to use on the Wye. In 2014 a yellow and black fly accounted for 12 fish from the Merthyr Tydfil waters on the Usk. In the summer the stoat’s tail is the goto fly on low water and this is also black and yellow.

So in 2015 I am going to try the yellow and black tube to see if it works. I will fish it early season on a full sinking line (not a shooting head), casting at 45º across the river and making a reach mend whilst I cast. In this way I will get the fly down deep immediately. I will let you know if it works.

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