Black Buzzer


Black buzzer

There are many different ways of tying this fly but basically:-

  • Hook: Kamazan B170 grubber
  • Body: Black thread, floss or flexifloss
  • Rib: Pearl or holographic Mylar
  • Cheeks: Goose biots or pearl or holographic Mylar
  • Breather (optional): White Antron yarn


  1. Tie in the thread and run it down the hook in touching turns.
  2. Tie in rib and body material.
  3. Wind the body up the the thorax position and tie off.
  4. Wind in the rib and tie off.
  5. Tie in the cheeks.
  6. Form a head with the tying thread.
  7. Pull the cheeks forward to the from of the head and tie off.
  8. Trim waste, whip finish and varnish.

Background information:

The midge is the most prolific of all insects and can be found all the year round, wherever there is water, especially on reservoirs. Therefore it is the goto fly for most boat anglers and is usually fished as one of a team of three flies. Other colours can be used including green and red depending on the species hatching at the time of fishing.

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