Foam Assed Blob

Foam Assed Blob


Foam Assed Blob


  • Hook: #12 All purpose light (Fulling Mill Suppliers)
  • Tail: 7.5mm dia foam cylinder
  • Boby: Fritz


  1. Tie in thread and run it down to the hook bend with touching turns.
  2. Cut the foam cylinder to length, using scissors and cutting diagonally across the cylinder to taper one end for tying in. The end of the foam should extend to just past the hook bend.
  3. Tie in a generous length of fritz
  4. Run the thread back up the hook shank until it is approximately 2mm in front of the hook eye.
  5. Wind in the fritz, pushing it back after each turn so that it slopes backwards in a neat fashion and take it up to the thread.
  6. Tie off with a whipped finish and varnish the head.

Background information

The fly can be used in place of a booby for many different types of fishing from a drifting boat, for instance –

  • on a fast sinking line with a fast retrieval
  • washing line style
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