Fry Pattern

Fry Pattern

Fry Pattern


  • Thread: White UTC 70 denier
  • Hook: Kamazan B175 #10
  • Body: Tying thread covered with medium-width pearl Mylar
  • Rib: Fine silver wire
  • Wing: Veniards white polar synthetic fur with bronze mallard slip on top
  • Beard: Red cock hackle
  • Head: Tying thread coloured with black marking pen


  1. Tie in the thread and starting 1mm from the hook eye run thread down the shank, with touching turns, to the bend of the hook.
  2. Take the thread back up the hook and tie in the silver wire and run the thread back down the hook shank again to secure the wire
  3. Take the thread back up the hook and tie in the pearl Mylar down the shank.
  4. Once again, take the thread back up the hook and park it.
  5. Wind in the Mylar up the hook shank and tie off.
  6. Wind in the rib on top of the Mylar and tie off.
  7. Take a bunch of polar hair and straighten the ends. Tie this using the pinch and loop technique.
  8. Take a bronze mallard slip and fold it in to the centre from both sides and then fold again. Tie in using a pinch and loop.
  9. Snip off waste.
  10. Take a bunch of red hackle fibre and make a false beard.
  11. Using a marker pen, colour a length of thread black and then form a head.
  12. Finish with whipped turns and varnish.

Background information

With this fly I won the fly fishing club’s boat competition at Draycote. Lots of people that I have given this fly to have had similar success when rainbows are fry feeding.

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