Pot Belly Pig

Pot Belly Pig

The Pot Belly Pig


  • Tying thread: 70 denier orange UTL
  • Tube: Brass bottle tube (Veniards or Loop Suppliers)
  • Tail: 4-6 boar bristles dyed orange (Cookshill), orange bucktail and pearl krystal flash
  • Rear Hackle: Orange cock hackle dyed orange
  • Body: Orange Antron
  • Palmered hackle: Black cock
  • Rib: Medium oval gold tinsel
  • Cheeks: Jungle cock

Tying Notes

  1. Put a length of silicon tubing on the back of the brass bottle tube before putting in the tube vice.
  2. Tie in thread at the back of the tube and then tie in the boar bristles so that they all curve upwards, then a small clump of bucktail on top and then 4 strands of pearl krystal flash. Trim off waste.
  3. Take a cock hackle and double the hackle fibres before catching it in. Make three or turns to form a collar, brushing the fibres backwards after each turn. Tie in and cut off waste.
  4. Tie in 3ins of the oval tinsel, in front of the hackle, followed by 5ins of the Antron yarn.
  5. Take the thread up to the front of the bottle tube and wind in the Antron with touching turns. Tie off the Antron.
  6. Take a black cock hackle and tie it in at the front of the tube, leaving space to form a head.
  7. Palmer the hackle back down the tube and then run the oval tinsel through it to form a rib.
  8. Tie off and trim off waste.
  9. Place the jungle cock eyes on the front of the bottle tube so that they form a “V” and catch them in. Secure the jungle cock by folding the stems back and putting a few turns over the top.
  10. Cut off waste and form a head, followed by w whip finish and a coat of varnish.

Background notes

This fly can be used all the year round but in the summer a plastic tube rather than a brass tube would probably be better. It was first shown in the Trout & Salmon in 2001 by Peter Whittingham. The boar bristles give the impression of “feelers” and cause the fly to “kick” during retrieval, thus imitating a shrimp.

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