Booking Form

I would be grateful if you could complete my booking form which fulfils several purposes:-

  • It confirms your booking for specific dates
  • Contains a useful checklist which reminds you of what you will need to bring with you
  • Informs me of any special requirements that you might require or that I should be aware of
  • Confirms that you have read my safety notes
This can be obtained from a Post Office or you can buy online from

Safety equipment check list

(Please let me know if you have any questions about the recommended items)

Special Note: I don’t advocate deep wading and I always advise my clients never to wade where it is not possible to see the river bed. However, please let me know if you have no wading experience or you are not confident in flowing water, so that I am aware of this and can give you special instructions/attention. Studded waders are used for general wading whereas felt soles are better on slab rock which is predominant on the upper Wye and its tributaries.

Tackle check list

(I will normally be able to provide items that you lack)

For fly selection see

The choice of fishing venue

Good fly fishing is always subject to the vagaries of the weather and the river height/colour. I always advise my clients not to book any fishing until we get close to the booked dates. We can then make a choice of venue depending on the weather forecast, feedback from other anglers and local river conditions. I always have a selection of venues, which I can book at short notice, to fall back on.
Good sources of information include:- – this is the EA river and sea levels information service which provides useful information on the trend of the water height at various gauges throughout England and Wales. The link will take you to the East Wales middle section, which is the area where I take most of my clients fishing. If you click on the green dots this will give the gauge data for a particular location and this is invaluable infor- mation for assessing the suitability of the water for flyfishing. – angling feedback reports from the Wye and Usk Foundation this will tell you where the fish are being caught and it is updated daily. The Wye and Usk Foundation also post a spreadsheet on salmon catches for those of you that are interested –
Please note that the cost of fishing permits is extra and this will depend upon the location and part of the fishing sea- son, especially in the case of salmon fishing. I will always endeavour to get value for money fishing in terms of enjoy- ment and chances of catching.

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