Caradoc to Kerne


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In this, its middle section, the river Wye takes its time, meandering slowly and changing its course from an easterly direction to a southerly one. Many salmon are caught here during the beginning of the season when there is sufficient water in the river for them to run up past Monmouth.

39a Sellack

Sellack in the middle Wye

Ross-on-Wye is the largest town in the area and it sits high up, in a domineering position overlooking the river.

44 Ross on Wye


By far the most famous pool on the Wye is the Vanstone at Middle Hill Court, where Robert Pashley caught a great number of his 10,000 total between 1906 and 1951 and no less than twenty-nine of these fish weighed over 40lbs. Sadly these days there are not so many salmon in the Wye, like many other rivers in England but there are still a few to be caught for those that persevere. Just downstream the towers of Goodrich castle can be seen from river.

Below Goodrich is Kerne Bridge, also famous in latterdays for its salmon catches.

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